Urban Development office launches “visual pollution” awareness campaign

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. March 17, 2016. With the goal of regulating the placement of signs and propaganda across the city, municipal authorities will be undertaking an awareness campaign and removal of publicity in order to prevent visual pollution.

Fausto César Soto Lizárraga, Director of Urban Development, reported the goal of the campaign is to remove any publicity that obstructs public roadways and/or causes visual pollution on posts, at bus stops, on public buildings, as well as on transit and street signs.

He added announcements that obstruct pedestrian walkways, streets, or driver visibility will be removed in coming days in order to also prevent accidents.

The municipal official stressed Mayor Kiko Munro has emphasized keeping the city clean and orderly, while not affecting the rights of individuals and business owners. The goal is that Puerto Peñasco provide a better image as a welcoming tourist destination.

Finally, he invited community members, business owners, artisans, and owners of either stationary or semi-stationary stands to collaborate with the awareness campaign for the good of the city and residents.



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