Update on Possible Closure of Lukeville Post Office

As you may have heard, GASTRAK is asking for an unreasonable rent increase that is causing the USPO to consider whether this location should be closed. If the increased rent does not conform to the budget constraints of the USPO, they may have no choice but to close.

Many of you contacted the USPO, but it is time to contact GASTRAK.They own the gas station, Duty-Free store, insurance company and restaurant.

They need to know if we lose our Post Office, we will have no need to stop in Lukeville, but in other locations where we can retrieve our mail; have a bite to eat, fill up our cars with gas or just stretch our legs.

You may mail your comments to:


6100 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 407

Hollywood, Florida 33024-7981

OR Call them at 1-520-387-5344 OR e-mail to store8540@gastrak.com OR gastrak.com



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