Two injured in gas explosion in Las Conchas

By José Antonio Perez

In the early hours of December 31st, two visitors from the U.S. were injured following explosion of a gas tank at a residence in Las Conchas. The accident, blast of which could be heard across Puerto Peñasco, occurred at approximately 3 a.m. and nearly demolished the entire dwelling.

While an exact cause of the serious incident has yet to be established, authorities reported that just prior to the explosion there was a car crash in which a vehicle ran into a fixed object about 100 meters from the home, knocking down an electric pole and causing a power outage. When the electricity came back, the explosion was apparently caused due to a fault in the gas supply line, demolishing the home structure.

Two visitors from the U.S., whose identities have not been revealed, were seriously injured from the accident, and taken to the San José Clinic for medical attention.

Individuals visiting the site of the accident later in the morning observed debris had been scattered up to 50 meters from the explosion site.

Photo: Enrique Rodriguez



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