Try the shrimp! Oysters still off limits!

By José Antonio Perez

Though recent monitoring in the area has noted a reduction in toxins caused by the “marea roja” (red tide) at sea, health risks remain, which is why the Health Control office has not lifted a ban on the sale or consumption of bivalve mollusks.

Health Control Unit Director Carlos Decina Torres noted while there is concern as to the negative impact this is having on producers in Puerto Peñasco, conditions are not yet right for the sale or consumption of products including: oysters, clams, mussels, snailfish, scallops, geoduck, pustulose ark shell, and “tichidas”.  It is important to note the “red tide” only affects mollusks and not species such as fish, shrimp and octopus, which can be consumed without risk.

He acknowledged the ban on bivalve mollusks has impacted over 400 families that work in harvesting the products, though the recommendation is they heed the health warning as to the contrary they could be responsible for illnesses that arise.  He did indicate no problems have been detected so far in this area, though there are those who have not heeded the ban.  He noted inspectors from the National Fishing and Acquaculture Commission (CONAPESCA) are taking steps to prevent any issues.



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