Top 10 tips for Circus Mexicus!

Circus Mexicus 2013 main event 47After a couple cervezas the other night at Banditos while admiring the recently signed bottles of Roger Clyne’s Mexican Moonshine “lamps”, I could see the concert venue space right across the street was getting a full treatment in preparation for Circus Mexicus XXIII coming up June 5th – 8th.

With just days to go for the big event, here is our Top Ten list for everyone about to head for Rocky Point! Plus, don’t forget to check travel tips at Circus Mexicus and if on Facebook look for Roger’s own list of tips (Did someone say man purse?).

1. Making a run for the border: Passport? Check! Car insurance for Mexico? Check! Cooler filled with food? WAIT! In recent years, the National Health and Food Safety service in Mexico has stepped up monitoring of food coming into the country and it’s important to check this info first:  Where’s the beef?     Plus, Roger recently reminded fans, if traveling with pets, bring paperwork, license, and immunization records. (They have gotten really strict about this at the border.)

2. Watch for speed traps through Sonoyta (hmmm not to mention up toward Ajo) and particularly just after crossing as max speeds posted go from 60 KMH to 40 KMH (that’s about 25 MPH…seriously).  If you get the opportunity to meet a friendly policia, fines are paid at the police station (this is true in Peñasco too) not with a $20 (or more) and a smile on the side of the road.


Photo courtesy of Peñasco Recreation Co.

3.  Driving from Sonoyta to Puerto Peñasco you’ll go straight through the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy the drive! Solar SOS stations are set up along the way, and you may see the “Green Angels” out helping drivers…you know, just in case of a California (Rocky Point) Breakdown.   Watch for lots of roadwork around town! When heading toward Sandy Beach, Cholla Bay, Banditos – we recommend veering right toward Laguna del Mar (Coastal Highway) then hang a left just past the train tracks.

If working your way toward Las Conchas or east side of town, take a left at the first stoplight and head down Blvd. Josefa Ortiz (avoiding potholes wherever you can).  We promise, Blvd. Juarez will be ready by RCPM’s next trip down this way (hopefully)!

4.  ¡Bienvenidos! Get your wristbands! Prepare to keep your wristband on all weekend as they’ll be needed for Thursday’s Kick-Off party at JJ’s and Hot Dog & a Smile on Sunday. Will call spots and ticket sales will be available at Roger’s new third world cantina – Banditos – as well as at JJ’s.  Here’s the scoop on Will Call:

Wednesday  – Banditos 6 pm – 8 pm

Thursday – Banditos 1 pm – 4 pm / JJ’s Cantina 6 pm – 8 pm

Friday – Banditos  1 pm – 3 pm /  @Main stage gate (across from Banditos) 6 pm – 10 pm

Saturday – Banditos  12 pm – 3 pm / @Main stage gate (across from Banditos) 6 pm – 10 pm

5.  Spread the love!

PH’s Hot Dog & a Smile is on Sunday this year, fans are asked to drop off any donations of items for La Esperanza para los Niños children’s home to a trailer set up in the Banditos parking lot on Friday.  Volunteers headed out to La Esperanza will gather at Banditos on Saturday morning around 11 a.m.  Ready for heaven on a paper plate? Keep your wristband on for PH’s Hot Dog & a Smile on Sunday at JJ’s!Beach-and-Soccer-2012-20

Sports equipment – If you’re bringing down sports equipment to donate to the ongoing efforts of the local Youth Sports Foundation run by Rock-n-Soccer in front of Wrecked on Saturday!

Parking tip – Friday and Saturday parking will be open at Sonoran Spa and Sonoran Sea just down from the concert main gate for $5 US with proceeds going to the equipping of the city’s first Dialysis Center of the local DIF organization.  Banditos parking lot to be closed to public on Friday and Saturday nights (Friday for the Esperanza trailer, Saturday for RCPM Meet & Greet).

6.  Get comfy! Bring a blanket or beach chair to the concerts on Friday and Saturday nights so you can set up on the hill and take it all in!

7.  Drink tickets!  There will be drink tickets available for the Friday and Saturday night concerts in increments of $2. Plus, the same tickets will be good for chow (hot dogs and tacos)! In addition to buying tickets at the main gate, these will be on sale at will call sites and during Rock-n-Soccer.  Drinks at the concert include cerveza, mixed delights, a shot tent, and the Bandito Margarita with Roger Clyne’s Mexican Moonshine (what else)? All drinks are either 1, 2, or 3 tickets. Cash only for pre-purchase tickets (at will calls) though credit cards will also be accepted at the Main Gate.  *Aluminum cans for recycling*

8. Stay hydrated!  Sunscreen, lots of water, and take a siesta when you get a chance!

horseback-beach9. Enjoy the inviting Sea of Cortez – shuffle your feet when heading into the water as we hear there are some stingrays out there. You may see some jellyfish bulbs on the beach as well.

10.  Do we have to go home? Well, no. Well, yes, probably.  Prepare for a possible wait at the border on Sunday afternoonish (Wait, what? No one is going home Sunday, it’s Hot Dog & a Smile at JJ’s!).  Just in case, check this link for border wait times (generally somewhere in the ballpark of reality): Border Wait Times

Enjoy the weekend! Stay safe and have fun!  Here’s to Life!




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