Tony & Martin joined in matrimony in Puerto Peñasco!

Tony Christofano and Martin Granados have become the first same sex couple to hold a legal wedding in Puerto Peñasco. After 18 years together, the couple consisting of Anthony Christofano (60) from the U.S., and Martin Granados (48), were able to marry legally following a resolution in favor of the two under the legal protection of an amparo (legal measure to protect citizens’ rights under the Mexican Constitution). They had decided to pursue a legal amparo precisely in order to legally join together in matrimony.

The same sex wedding was held on Saturday, April 23rd, at a beach front home in the area of Las Conchas (known as Casa de la Playa), where the couple signed their marriage certificate after listening to the Judge of the Civil Registry speak about the rights and obligations of their legal obligation. Registry Judge Claudia Lugo Gámez stated the marriage entered into by the two men, following the amparo, contains the same rights and obligations as any other union.

After lodging the legal amparo, in order to be able to wed legally, an approval was declared on December 22, 2015, by the 6th District Judge in the State of Sonora. The Puerto Peñasco Alliance of Information and Support for the LGBT Community, directed by Eddie Wharez, was key in helping to see the legal process through.

Family and close friends of the couple gathered for the wedding in order to celebrate the unprecedented event here in Puerto Peñasco.

¡Felicidades Martin & Tony!  Photos courtesy of E&E Photography



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