Tons of concrete into pot holes on Blvd. Josefa Ortiz

Municipal Administration puts 4 tons of concrete into pot hole program

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. July 13, 2016.  Work has begun on Blvd. Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez through use of 4 tons of concrete to fill in pot holes, reports Public Projects Coordinator Terencio Gutiérrez Valenzuela.

The city official requested patience and understanding from the community as work will impact traffic along this important road in various gradual stages, stretching from Blvd. López Portillo to Derecho de Vía [train tracks].

“Stretches will be closed to traffic for at least two days given the concrete must set until dry,” explained Gutiérrez Valenzuela, “though we know the inconvenience will be well worth it as this means better roads and boulevards to benefit the community of Puerto Peñasco.”

He added the city is awaiting federal funds so that work may begin on paving Blvd. Freemont, which will address an age-old and highly demanded need of the people.



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