Tide surge impacts seawalls in Las Conchas

By José Antonio Pérez

Due to intense high tides on Monday – eclipse day – August 21st, several seawalls and beachside fixtures in the area of Las Conchas tumbled onto the beach, leaving heavy material damage though no injuries to report.

Luis César García González, Municipal Coordinator for the Federal Maritime Land Zone (ZOFEMAT), detailed at least five beach front homes in the area of Las Conchas were severely impacted, specifically in section 9 between lots 4 through 9.

“This time of year has the highest tides,” explained the ZOFEMAT coordinator, “this, coinciding with Monday’s eclipse, led to an intense tide surge and the dismantling of seawalls.”

García González noted there are no municipal fines, as this pertains to the federal zone, though notices have been sent to owners of the properties so they begin to remove debris as soon as possible (and rebuild as per the case).




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