Three from local Red Cross head out to help after Hurricane Harvey

Following a call put about by the American Red Cross, three emergency crew members from the Puerto Peñasco Red Cross are headed to Texas to join support efforts helping those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

The three EMT staff from the Puerto Peñasco Red Cross departed for Texas on Tuesday, where they will meet up with a Mexican contingent meant to help with rescue efforts for support for those most impacted by the hurricane.

The Peñasco EMT members, Emergency Coordinator Miguel Ángel Ibarra Lomelí, along with Luis Catro Careaga and Pedro Gustavo Arvizu Barajas joined two other Sonoran EMTs representing the state, along with another 30 from across the country, for the purpose of helping those in need. This is unprecedented for the Peñasco Red Cross, reported local board president Julio Valenzuela.

Travel costs for the 3 Peñasco EMTs are being covered by the local Red Cross, though once in Texas their expenses will be taken of by the American Red Cross.  The three member Peñasco EMT team may be in Texas for two weeks, or the time required to help with needs.



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