Sport Fishing joins Peñasco – Puerto Lobos Corridor

By José Antonio Perez

The Puerto Peñasco Sport Fishing Sector joined the Coastal Fishing Comprehensive Management and Temporary Spatial Ordinance of the Puerto Peñasco-Puerto Lobos sea corridor, marking launch of the strategy’s second phase.

A press release issued by the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans (CEDO) detailed the ambitious project focused on sustainable fishing brought together 19 boat owners, captains, and fishing service providers recently to identify species of interest for sport fishing, their importance and level of attraction for tourism, economic relevance, volume, and biological status.  Participants also identified key stakeholders within the sector while acknowledging challenges and conflicts that exist.

During the meeting, four representatives were elected to serve on the new Intercommunity Group of Sport Fishermen (GID). These included:  Mike Dugan and substitute Chuck Blair from La Cholla, both of the Sport Fishing Club, as well as Martín Tavarez V. (of Margarita Fishing) and Pedro Nava Moreno (Ecoturismo de Puerto Peñasco), along with substitutes Gustavo Vivela J. (Shark Boys) and Iván Valenzuela Meza ( Ecoturismo de Puerto Peñasco).  An additional representative is yet to be selected from Puerto Lobos.

An objective of the GID is to share concerns or needs of the sector with other groups and authorities as well as communicate with those in the sector so that together proposals be made as to what may be best for Sport Fishing.

The GID will participate directly with the Intercommunity Coastal Fishermen Group (GIR) in defining areas of fishing management and application of tools. Similarly, it will work with the Intercommunity Wetlands Group (GIH), representatives of commercial fishing, and other sectors such as mining and agriculture which together form the Intersector Corridor Group.



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