Salsa Fest Aug. 27th!

salsa-reqsBe part of the Salsa Fest on Aug. 27th, to be held on the malecón starting around 7 p.m., with the “record breaking” dance to take place around 10 p.m.

To help meet “record breaking” requirements, please note:

  • No cost to register
  • Minors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Register on August 17th at the stand that will be set up at the malecón
  • Make sure you have a dancing couple. Couples can be made up of same sex/gender.
  • Learn the dance steps for the 5 minute dance, published on Facebook pages of the Ayuntamiento de Puerto Peñasco and Casa de la Cultura   Here:
  • To break any records, everyone needs to do synchronized dance steps
  • Typical salsa wear please. Women: dress and heels  Men: dress pants, shirt, and dress shoes
  • salsa-req-clase




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