Rocky Point Strong!

By Shandra Keesecker-Rivero

On the morning of December 18th, 2013, Rocky Point awoke to news of something serious going downoperativo alfa centaury in the popular condominium area of Sandy Beach – and specifically around the lovely Bella Sirena complex. From 5 a.m. on, social networks lit up as people advised others to stay indoors while the early morning radio programs issued the same recommendations and added, we cannot ‘tapar el sol con un dedo’ (cover the sun with a finger )– or rather ‘we cannot bury our head in the sand.’ Yes, THIS was actually happening – HERE. As the day progressed, we soon learned Federal forces and the Navy had devised a tactical operation as a way to squash possible criminal activity – helicopters, navy ship, the works…  By mid-day, much of the community had returned to its regular routines and a sense of normalcy set in once again as the sun chased away early morning clouds. The evening’s resplendent sunset reminded us of one of the many reasons we remain in love with Puerto Peñasco …and why we will continue to be Rocky Point Strong!

Photo: Carlo Lan

Photo: Carlo Lan
Used here with permission

All of us who live in, visit, love and enjoy Puerto Penasco know the events on the morning of Dec. 18th are not indicative of this area and after working so hard to bring tourism and investment back over the years, we can only imagine the challenges we will all face in coming months.

 Thanks you for your comments, together We are #rockypointSTRONG !    Comments: Rocky Point Strong

Michael Guss –  Strong swift action by both the Navy and the Federales is excellent. Don’t mess with Rocky Point.

Scott Greene –  I feel safer knowing the Mexican Government is engaged in keeping the bad element out of Rocky Point.

Laura Miner – This does not deter me from purchasing a condo there in 2014!

 Libby Russ Curran – This will not stop Russ and I from enjoying our home here. I was awake at 2:30 and watched as it was happening. Scared for the people in Bella Sirena.I feel even better knowing that the Federales and the Navy took action so quickly!!!

Angela Scriver – This will NOT deter us at all! Go RP!!

Kelly Swingler – RP STRONG! VERY STRONG! Nothing will keep me from there. It is an amazing community…my second home! There’s violence every day in Phoenix, but you put the word MEXICO or ROCKY POINT in front of any news story, it then becomes a media frenzy. Statistically, RP has less violence than Phoenix. I can’t wait to go down again and see a beautiful sunset!

Bianca Adame – We’ll still be there next month!

Ana Karen –  I ♡ & will continue to love RP!

Christine Cariño-Salazar I love RP 2014 HERE WE COME

Deb Johnson –  We will still come down right after Christmas

Cindy Ronning Swartwood – We will see RP on the 31st

Monica Michelle –  We’re coming from Phoenix to beautiful Rocky Point on Dec the 28th to a Gala event with international soprano Sweden based Rocio Olalde & RP musician German Esquer Delgado. we’ll see you at El Tapeo winebar aferwards.

Russ Black – We are in love with this place totally and are RP Strong

Kimberly Gentry – Won’t deter me from coming to my beach home or living here.

Selina Strong –  Our hearts are broken. Our spirit is strong.

Annette Guerra Gulinson –  I guess the media is putting fear in Americans again about rocky point again. They need to tell the truth. Ugh!

Charles Straffod –  Rocky point strong!

Alana Lonnie Kearns –  It’s an awful event but no different than the streets of LA, Chicago or South Phoenix. I still feel safe traveling to RP. If you’re looking for trouble you will find it no matter where you are.

Carolyn Wise Briggs –  Looking forward to spending my New Years with all of you..

Anna D’Onghia – This will not stop us from coming back in March.    I’m not deterred. I’ll see you soon!

Debra A Stanley Pope –  I am still coming – nothing new because I live in Phoenix where violence is nothing new – shooting, robbings, etc. All my friends will still come as well – there is never going to be a place where nothing ever happens and if you’re afraid of everything then you can’t live your life which would be boring.

Paulette Hickson – Only makes me feel safer!

Michael Schilling –  We WILL see you all for New Years, and in 2014.
RP is our second home, we are not deterred. We Support and Love all the people of Puerto Penasco

Brad Olson –  RP strong . We’ll be down Monday for the week.



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