Rock makes room for twirls and splits!

In a warm up to last Saturday’s January Jam VIII out at JJ’s Cantina with RCPM, those ready to rock it at Beach Bum earlier in the afternoon with The Black Moods were first presented with a performance of ballet. Yes, ballet.

In preparation for their upcoming journey to Arizona to once again compete in the annual Hollywood Dance Expo, the local troupe of Destiny Dance Academy realized they were just short of raising all the funds to send their dancers to the international dance event…about $300 US short to be exact. Without the funds, one or possibly two dancers would be left behind. With the numerous music venues across town last weekend, Academy owner and instructor Marisa Arellano wondered if there would be a way for her girls to perform somewhere – like a mini-fundraiser as it were. Beach Bum owners John and Mary welcomed the idea, though admittedly did not quite know what to expect. That afternoon, before Josh Kennedy, Ryan Prier, and Chico Diaz stepped into position to get the full Black Moods spirit on, the girls stood in front of an eager rock audience before suddenly twirling, leaping, and covering the dance floor. Picking up on the dance spirit, The Black Moods did their part by signing a number of items that were then  raffled off – adding to the fundraiser goal.

As the final twirl wound down and The Black Moods headed toward the stage, Destiny Dance Academy had raised more than $600 US in the impromptu fundraiser! Congratulations, dancers, and good luck in February!

In 2014, Destiny Dance Academy was the only dance group from outside the U.S. to participate in the annual dance training and competition event, alongside groups from AZ and CA.   Seven of the troupe’s dancers participated in competition and for the first time brought home both Platinum and High Gold Awards. Platinum is the competition’s highest honor! Plus, High Gold means the recipient was less than 5 points from Platinum. The 8th Annual Hollywood Dance Experience will be held Feb. 21st – 22nd and, thanks to a number of rock fans hanging out one Saturday in Rocky Point, the whole troupe will be there!



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