Roadwork addresses pot holes and repaving

Following damage due to recent rains, the local administration launched a program to fill in pot holes along various city streets including intersections of Blvd. Fremont and Sinaloa as well as Sonora and Josefa.

Terencio Gutiérrez, Director of Public Projects, indicated the goal is to address damage along many of the most affected roadways in order to prevent risks to motorists. Furthermore, he added following next weekend they will continue with a permanent program to fill in pot holes in placing attention on minor damages that arise on area streets.

In addition, Gutiérrez noted, as of last Monday, January 11th, the City has begun the repaving of Ave. Constitution, which is one of the most important stretches in the city.  The repaving of Constitution encompasses from Blvd. Juárez to the CERESO (Social Readaptation Center [local prison]) and is part of a project to include improvements to four of the city’s main streets.

The repaving work is being done in sections, therefore indications will be in place to direct drivers in crossing the city in order to reach both touristic spots and the eastern side of town.



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