Rescued Dolphin Succumbs to Injuries

A beached dolphin rescued over the weekend by staff of the Federal Maritime Zone (ZOFEMAT), which had been taken to the Mar de Cortés Aquarium following authorization of the Federal Environmental Attorney (PROFEPA), died on Tuesday afternoon apparently due to a virus after attempts to release it back into the sea.

The dolphin had initially been taken to the Mar de Cortés Aquarium, where a veterinarian tended to an apparent blow to its fin.  Afterwards, once the dolphin was believed to be in better condition, it was taken to the area of “Mi Playa” on early Tuesday for release. Unfortunately, upon release the recuperating dolphin was attacked by other dolphins and the decision made to take it back to the aquarium, where it passed away within hours possibly due to a virus.

Jesús Gómez Pulido, in charge of the Mar de Cortés Aquarium, remarked according to the veterinarian that tended to the dolphin, when dolphins beach themselves it can be a sign they are already sick.  It is believed the dolphin had a viral infection and, though given medication for the blow to its fin, finally succumbed to the illness. The plan now is to bury the dolphin to prevent any further contamination.

The Mar de Cortés Aquarium is located between Calles Durango and Fray Servando in the Mirador neighborhood.




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