Regularization of water supply through rehabilitation of wells

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. August 12, 2016.  With reintegration of wells 11 and 3 into the city’s potable water network this weekend, water supply has been normalized, with continued improvements to follow, thanks to measures taken by the municipal administration of Mayor Kiko Munro.

The water supply problem has been addressed with an investment of approximately 20 million pesos, obtained through the National Water Commission (CONAGUA), as well as work of the Municipal Water Department (OOMAPAS).

The mayor noted in 2006 CONAGUA had provided local authorities with a diagnosis regarding serious problems in Puerto Peñasco at that time, urging more attention be focused on water tables, wells, and the network. However, no work was done to resolve the situation.

“This year we have revived the economy by more than 35%, which has meant a monthly influx of around 300,000 people that also require water services. Neither the water table nor the network could support the demand, given the lack of attention over the years,” explained the mayor, “Now, with these improvements we can address the demand of visitors and, of course, of residents.”

He detailed pumping equipment had not received maintenance for up to 7 years, which considerably reduced supply. This led to a comprehensive plan to rehabilitate the wells.

He emphasized during July, the most critical month, there was an extraction of just 100 liters per second. Currently, this surpasses 400, which is reflected in improved pressure in some parts of the city while work continues on other pumps.

The mayor made assurances the worst has passed, thanking the community for their understanding given the low pressure and shortages.

He acknowledged there are parts of the urban geography, particularly in higher points, where improvements have not yet been felt, yet made guarantees it was solely a question of time before service would be rectified.

“Various wells have been rehabilitated and work is being done on the rest that supply water to Peñasco,” he stressed. “We are installing valves in various points of the network in order to redirect water and provide more equitative distribution.”

He added small pumping centers are being installed in various neighborhoods, such as Ferrocarrilera, Obrera, López Portillo, Brisas del Golfo, San Rafael, and Nuevo Peñasco, in order to provide water to higher points of the city.

100 million more pesos to be invested in network

Mayor Kiko Munro detailed in addition to the CONAGUA investment, he has procured an additional approximately 100 million pesos to gradually be used for equipment, with a principal focus on rehabilitating and renovating the network as currently about 40% of the water is lost through filtration.

He added supply lines have been installed in areas where none had existed, including higher points of the San Rafael and Nuevo Peñasco neighborhoods. In addition, new wells 12 and 13 are to be put into operation soon, which will channel water to the new pipes.

Another network where work is taking place, he explained, is the first phase of the 4 de marzo neighborhood on the western side of the city. This practically new settlement lacks basic services, which is why they have been working to meet their needs.

Furthermore, placement of new chambers to remove silt and sand will improve water quality flowing to homes across the city.



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