Regional Human Rights Office opens in Puerto Peñasco

In order to address complaints raised by citizens living in the Puerto Peñasco – Sonoyta region, as well as those visiting from abroad, a Regional Office of the Sonoran Commission on Human Rights (CEDH) recently opened here in town. The office will also be able to provide legal consultation services.

The new regional CEDH office is located near the corner of Blvd. Fremont and Ave. Morelos (next to FMI Rentals), and Atty. Olayn García Cinco will serve as local CEDH representative.

The opening of the new office, which is the 11th CEDH office in Sonora, is part of a coverage plan to address complaints throughout the state, explained CEDH President Raúl Ramírez.

The State Commission on Human Rights office will address all complaints raised and offer specialized attention to the North American community, and visitors, who wish to report a complaint. Translation services can be available to help with the process, explained the State Human Rights Commission President.

“Foreigners and visitors from Mexico all have the same rights, and the same value, the same protection; it is not a simple task, but we will do what we can through translators” he furthered.

Ramírez indicated with the opening of this new office, coverage has been extended to 90% of Sonorans in the promotion of human rights and addressing needs.

The Commission operates by providing follow-up to complaints of human rights’ violations and then issues recommendations to authorities involved in various cases.



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