Circus Mexicus XXII – Blending conscience and celebration with Roger Clyne! June 6 – 9

By Shandra Keesecker-Rivero [first published in May 2013]

Circus Mexicus XXI - 39Within the cycle of life here in Puerto Peñasco, June brings with it a fanfare of music guided by Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers’ Circus Mexicus, hitting the playas this summer for version XXII!  Circus Mexicus is so much more than a concert, it’s a 4 day celebration of music, fun, charitable giving, soccer on the beach, and peacemaker fellowship. On the Circus Mexicus site (new just this year), one fan explains “I like to call Circus Mexicus an annual convention! It’s a congregation of great people who create an amazing energy!” The Circus Mexicus XXII “convention” will take place in Puerto Peñasco from June 6th – 9th replete with music, hot-dogs, cerveza, Roger’s own Mexican Moonshine premium tequilas, soccer, terrific bands, and this year a bonus historic reunion of The Refreshments, Roger and PH’s band prior to RCPM.

Locals! Just like last year, there are special $15 US general admission tickets (approx. 200 pesos) for those with Mexican IDs (formerly FM2/FM3 resident cards, Mexican IFE voter cards). Pick these up at Wrecked at the Reef on day of concert or day before.

Along with the music, RCPM members Roger Clyne, Jim Dalton, Nick Scropos, and PH Naffah bring their environmental and charitable efforts to town, first with Friday night’s “Hot Dog & a Smile” with proceeds and donations going to the Esperanza para los Niños children’s home, then with some of the “Rock-n-Soccer” efforts going to the Puerto Peñasco Youth Sports Foundation. We hear the local wheelchair basketball team, Los Rolling Rockies, will also be giving out info to the peacemaker faithful on Saturday night. The band doesn’t just do good by folks in town, but by the environment and has been awarded a Green Grant from Reverb for being green. They encourage people to car pool down to Peñasco for CMXXII and tell us they’ll be recharging their own bus batteries from solar panels fixed to the roof. These batteries power just about everything inside the bus, except the A/C.  Plus, look for collection centers for aluminum cans throughout the weekend events. Roger tells us, “We’re going to walk our talk again and encourage anyone to follow.”

Circus Mexicus XXI - 99In leading up to Circus Mexicus this year, I had a chance to send Roger some questions to catch up with the band as they travel around the country before their trek South of the border. Following 2012, which I’d like to call my personal initiation to RCPM, what has really struck me is the way they stay in touch with fans through social networks and, more recently, somewhat informal and fun cantina casts broadcast online. We caught up with RCPM right before Cantina Cast #5.

RP360: How has the response been to the cantina casts and do you plan to keep these going? It seems you debut a new song with each cast, are you pulling these into a new album that we can anticipate in the near future?

Roger Clyne: The Cantina casts have been a blast, but decidedly less-than-professional. We’re fumbling and learning as we go. The most important facet of the project is that we get to share with our audience new material in a new way.  Yes, we’ll be compiling the songs we share each month on the cantina casts into an album; we hope to begin the recording in the Fall and release studio versions early next year.

RP360:  That person to person connection really seems to keep the Peacemaker followers together. Plus, the sense of humor that permeates throughout the Peacemakers is catching. How would you best describe each band member’s sense of humor?

Roger:  Yes, it’s true! Each person in the band has a very unique, often peculiar sense of humor. It’s impossible for me to describe; one just has to be lucky enough to be in their presence and “feel” it.

RP360: In addition to feel good, boot-stomping tequila shooting music, I heard in a March interview you did in Idaho that a lot of the music also touches on social issues.

Roger: I’m always trying to blend conscience and celebration.  Most of my songs come from unity consciousness roots; the tough part is keeping them fun, and not getting too cliché.

RP360: On your 4-20 cantina cast Jim sang his own song, “Tucson Troubadour”, can we expect to hear that at Circus this year?


Circus Mexicus XXI - 63RP360: Last year after Circus there were comments about the concert stage not being as ideal as it could have been, but we see this year’s set up is already different.

Roger: Yes, we made some production mistakes.  We listened and we’ve learned.  We want this to be the best event of the year, every year, for every audience member!  We always take it very seriously.

RP360: In addition to a reunion of The Refreshments, what additional surprises and treasures can we expect this year for Circus Mexicus XXII?

Roger: I don’t know, but I’m sure there will be plenty.

RP360: Do you think your fans, “the faithful”, are at all weary about travel to Mexico (and specifically Rocky Point)?

Roger: The “faithful” have always come.  It’s the uninitiated and undecided that we need the “faithful” and the community to convince and welcome.

RP360: Looking past Circus, do you plan to do Acousticus in October again in Rocky Point?

Roger: I love it!  I hope we can do it again this year.

In the meantime, plan to get your Circus on this June in Puerto Peñasco with Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers at Circus Mexicus XXII!!

2013 LINE UP

THURSDAY JUNE 6TH, 2013 – The Kick Off Party @ Wrecked at The Reef   NO COVER!

8:00 pm The Toluenes (with Brian Blush and Jamon Scott)
9:00 pm La Merca

FRIDAY JUNE 7TH, 2013 – PH Naffah’s Hot Dog & A Smile BBQ @ JJ’s Cantina  $10 USD at the door / Admission included with Plata ticket



5:00 pm Random Karma
6:00 pm Jason Boots

7:00 pm Josh Kennedy (The Black Moods)

8:00 pm Shurman
8:45 pm Jim Dalton (with Shurman)
9:30 pm The Pistoleros

SATURDAY JUNE 8TH, 2013 – The Main Event

8:00 am Roger Clyne’s Rock and Soccer Tournament on the beach in front of Wrecked
1:00 pm (ish) Caravan out to Esperanza para los Niños with Wish List items

Tickets: $35 US in advance / $40 US at door  LOCALS $15 US (Mexican ID/Migración doc)

circus mexicus 2011 from:


Active or retired military are free with ID compliments of RCPM

6:30-7:30pm Backstage Eat & Greet for Platino Ticket Holders
7:00 pm Shurman
8:00 pm The Refreshments
9:30 pm Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers (with The Jons)

SUNDAY JUNE 9TH, 2013 – The Mañanathon @ JJ’s Cantina – FREE Admission!

12:00 pm Jason Boots
1:00 pm The Toluenes (with Brian Blush and Jamon Scott)
2:00 pm The Pistoleros
3:00 pm Random Karma

5:30pm Farewell Fiesta at Chango’s Bar & Grill including live music and authentic street tacos


Se acerca la fecha del gran concierto Circus Mexicus del grupo Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers  6 al 9 de junio


Circus Mexicus XXI - 93Llegando el mes de junio, ya se acerca la fecha del gran concierto de Circus Mexicus del grupo Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers (originario de Arizona), quienes vendrán a las playas de Puerto Peñasco para la XXII edición de su festival musical. Más que un concierto, Circus Mexicus es una celebración durante 4 días, del 6 al 9 de junio este año, repleto con música, diversión, caridad, futbol en la playa, y convivencia. Durante los últimos años, han llegado miles de aficionados de la música de Roger Clyne a nuestras playas y este año regresarán para deleitarse en las melodías, futbol en la playa, una multitud de grupos de rock, y hasta una reunión histórica del grupo The Refreshments, lo cual fue el grupo de Roger Clyne y de su baterista PH Naffah antes de que formaran lo que ahora se reconoce como RCPM (Roger Clyne y los Peacemakers).

Algo especial para los puertopeñasquenses, así como para residentes extranjeros que posean su identificación de migración mexicana (anteriormente los FM2/FM3, ahora denominado residente temporal/permanente) – los boletos al gran concierto del día sábado, 8 de junio, saldrán en solo $15 US (aproximadamente 200 pesos), ya presentando su IFE u otra identificación Mexicana al momento de comprar el boleto en Wrecked at the Reef el día del evento o un día antes.

El programa de Circo México 2013

Jueves, 6 de junio – Fiesta de inauguración – Wrecked at the Reef – Sin cover

8:00 pm The Toluenes (con Brian Blush y Jamon Scott)

9:00pm La Merca

CMXXI-PH-hotdogViernes, 7 de junio – Música, “hot dogs” y una sonrisa (del baterista de RCPM, PH Naffah – a beneficio de Esperanza para los Niños)  – JJ’s Cantina    $10 US en la puerta

5:00 pm Random Karma
6:00 pm Jason Boots
7:00 pm Josh Kennedy (The Black Moods)
8:00 pm Shurman

8:45 pm Jim Dalton (con Shurman)
9:30 pm The Pistoleros

Sábado, 8 de junio – El gran evento

Beach-and-Soccer-2012-18:00 am Torneo de futból de Roger Clyne en la playa  – en frente de Wrecked
1:00 pm  Caravana para llevar donaciones a Esperanza para los Niños

LOCALES $15 US (con identificación Mexicana (IFE, tarjeta de migración expedida por el INM)

6:30-7:30 pm Taquiza con la banda para gente con boletos platinos (ya se agotaron)
7:00 pm Shurman
8:00 pm The Refreshments
9:30 pm Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers (con The Jons)

Domingo, 9 de junio – Mañanathon (como un maratón de música la mañana después del gran concierto) – JJ’s Cantina – Sin cover

12:00 pm Jason Boots
1:00 pm The Toluenes (with Brian Blush and Jamon Scott)
2:00 pm The Pistoleros
3:00 pm Random Karma

5:30pm Fiesta de despedida en Chango’s Bar & Grill con música en vivo y taquiza




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