Puerto Peñasco’s yearly Whale Watching opportunities!

In recent years Puerto Peñasco has offered the natural spectacle of whale watching opportunities just off shore.

Generally, January marks the beginning of the first whale sightings in the area, particularly for fin whales and humpbacks. This year, it wasn’t until February 2nd when the “whale watching season” began after numerous humpbacks were spotted about 8-10 miles off shore.

The large mammals can be seen in groups, traveling from Alaska to the coasts of Baja California, in search of food as well as in search of mating grounds.

ecofun whalewatching  001Whale watching off the shores of Puerto Peñasco can be enjoyed from aboard one of the various tours offering visitors and Puerto Peñasco residents the chance to try and spot a whale, such as in the case of Eco Fun Rentals of Maru Zacatelco.  She explains, “the Eco Fun boat works its way to spots near where whales have been spotted so that passengers can enjoy the whales while getting some pictures.”

These tour services follow safety measures aimed at protecting this mammal species, such as not getting nearer than within 100 feet, not trying to touch the whales, and for boats to not cut off their routes. These measures are detailed in information provided by the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts & Oceans (CEDO).

Whale sightings in Puerto Peñasco generally last from January through March (though started in February this year), so if you’re planning on visiting Rocky Point this Winter we’d like to recommend taking advantage of this great opportunity to take in this natural phenomena right off our shores.



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