Puerto Peñasco sea products may reach EU

Nearly 10 Puerto Peñasco vessels are set to be verified for inclusion in a project to export sea product to the European Union.

The Federal Commission of Health Risk Protection (COFEPRIS), through support of staff from the Health Control Unit, have inspected 10 to 15 boats in Puerto Peñasco of owners interested in exporting sea products to Europe. This verification includes meticulous inspection and review of hygiene conditions in handling the product, as well as suggestions to ensure compliance with all guidelines required to authorize export to Europe, explains Carlos Decina Torres, Director of the Health Control Unit.

The project, which is in a first phase nationally, includes Puerto Peñasco and Guaymas as export ports in Sonora. Once the conditions of boats are approved, a second phase will begin in order to start export of sea products to the European Union.



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