Puerto Peñasco expects full Semana Santa

Area hotels in Puerto Peñasco are expecting full occupancy this Semana Santa weekend, with approximately 80% figures mid-week, according to reservations.

The local Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV) indicates the number of visitors to town triples over Semana Santa, which is when hotels, area condominiums, and rental homes reflect an overall occupancy level of 90% – plus all the visitors who arrive to homes of family and friends.

Héctor Vázquez del Mercado, OCV President, indicated Semana Santa continues to be the most important national holiday period in terms of overall numbers and economic boost, and also marks the beginning of the tourism season both for Mexicans and folks from the U.S.

He emphasized the importance of taking serious steps to prevent road accidents, particularly when it comes to the rental of four-wheelers to minors and the need to be sure alcohol is not sold to minors.

Similarly, as part of a statewide Semana Santa campaign, the city administration will be handing out flyers with safety tips and emergency numbers while youth volunteers donning shirts stating  “ANFITRIONES” (hosts) will be on hand at different spots across the city to provide answers to FAQs over Semana Santa.  These latter actions are being furthered by the city administration and its Tourism Office, and will help strengthen the efforts of the new Tourist Assistance Unit entrusted with the task of providing additional safety and assistance to visitors.



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