Port closure ahead of tropical storm Paine

Puerto Peñasco’s port remains closed this afternoon to all navigation due to possible stormy conditions, plus a forecast of clouds and rain as part of the passing of tropical storm Paine near the coasts of Baja California.

According to information from Peñasco’s Port Captain, possible rain and stormy weather is forecast for September 21st and 22nd, which has led to closure of the port to boats while a yellow flag remains in place due to probable showers.

He noted tropical storm Paine should degrade upon reaching the sea, becoming a tropical depression as it approaches Puerto Peñasco and the Gulf of Santa Clara.

Once the effects of Paine diminish, navigational conditions will be reevaluated. It’s worth noting more than 120 shrimp boats were scheduled to go out today, for the beginning of shrimp season, though are suggested to suspend departure for at least two days.



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