Plastic lid campaign tops 260,000

The Fall campaign to collect plastic tops in assisting children with chemotherapy sessions  (“Tapas para Sanar”) managed to gather 267,000 tops from across the community.

Alma Yanes, Municipal Deputy Director of Ecology and Sustainable Development, deemed the response  from the community of Puerto Peñasco to have been very favorable, particularly highlighting the involvement of students.

Yanes detailed the campaign presented 267,655 plastic tops at an event held at the Sonoran State University at the end of October. There, along with volunteer staff from the ISSSTESON (Sonoran Social Security Institute for State Employees), Puerto Peñasco was acknowledged as the only municipality to have carried out the collection campaign, along with various schools from across the state.

The more than 267,000 plastic tops will represent the ability to provide 267 chemotherapy sessions  to children fighting cancer in Sonora.

The Peñasco Deputy Director of Ecology emphasized though the campaign has ended, it is still worth collecting plastic tops in order to give them another use while starting to collect for upcoming campaigns. The idea, she stated, is to not throw them away.

She praised the work and drive of students in collecting plastic tops throughout the campaign, including those found on the ground and in their homes. The idea of the “Tapas para Sanar” campaign is to help support children suffering from cancer.



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