Pinacate photo exhibit on display at Mexican Consulate in Phoenix

Majestic images reflecting the landscape surrounding the Pinacate, captured under the lens of Puerto Peñasco photographer Jesusa Gamboa, are currently on display at the Mexican Consulate in Phoenix, Arizona.

Gamboa’s Pinacate exhibit entitled “El Pinacate después de la erupción” (Pinacate after the eruption) opened Jan. 22nd in the Carlos Fuentes hall at the Consulate, where it will remain for a month. Puerto Peñasco mayor Kiko Munro, along with Mexican Consul Roberto Rodríguez, were both in attendance at the inaugural evening of Gamboa’s 35 photographic display just last Friday.

Gamboa, a native of Puerto Peñasco who is both photograpaher and journalist, currently resides in Mexicali, Baja California. This exhibit is quite significant for her as, although Arizona is our neighboring state, this display literally crosses borders and helps promote the Pinacate in the U.S.

The exhibit itself includes images including volcanoes, the Pinacate range, and even miniscule details of flora and fauna from the area.



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