Pangas open up shrimp season

It was in the early hours of Sunday, September 13th, that forty smaller fishing vessels (called “pangas”) headed out from Puerto Peñasco into the Sea of Cortez in search of “pink gold,” marking the launch of this year’s shrimp season. The active period for these smaller pangas usually lasts just over a week, before around 100 larger shrimp boats begin their season on Sept. 23rd.

Hermenegildo Ramírez, Head of Fishing Affairs in Puerto Peñasco, indicated the coastal fishing fleet may bring in up to 600 tons a season when yields are good.  He added the biggest problem every year is the presence of up to 200 pangas operating without permits, which affects the fishermen who legally register.

Shrimp yields for pangas in the region are found primarily in the area of Bahía San Jorge, where the majority of the pangas go.



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