Off the Beach with Naomi Black part of Nov. 5 Fashion Fiesta

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By Shandra Keesecker-Rivero

Each Monday, I am swept away to some corner of the world through Russ and Naomi Black’s Travel Photo of the Week. Naomi, who just recently sent out the 200th volume of the weekly taste of travel along with glimpses of Puerto Peñasco and upcoming local activities, also shares her sense of worldly adventures coupled with seaside discoveries at her eclectic, vintage-esque workshop “Off the Beach.”

On the day I set out to meet Naomi at her shop, usually open to the public only on Fridays from 12 p.m. – 5 p.m., I embarked with a treasure map that took me along Ave. Constitution…past Ley supermarket…past the stoplight by Brother’s Pizza…on beyond an elementary school… until an internet café on the corner indicated where I had to turn. I pulled up to Naomi’s wonderfully inviting beach “shack” that is, as its name foretells, off the beach but worth the adventure.

Though I had never been “Off the Beach” before, I had seen Naomi’s amazing utilitarian pieces of art – from seashell coated picture frames and jewelry to sweater- and t-shirt dresses – at numerous local fairs over the past year. Her displays, which transport visitors to another world of repurposing and re-creating, seem to have a romantic feel enveloped in lace, strips of fabric, seashells, and creativity. On this occasion we had met to discuss her upcoming Fall Fashion Fiesta, presented together with Casa Turquesa, set for Monday, Nov. 5th 1 p.m. at Wrecked at the Reef (by the way, it’s Free!).

Naomi has had a relationship with Puerto Peñasco and its sea for more than 30 years. While living in Cottonwood, AZ, prior to moving to Rocky Point full-time, among her many talents Naomi worked on alterations while dipping into design. Two years ago, after getting well-established in Puerto Peñasco, Naomi began her line of Sea Debris clothing along with alteration services here in town. These led to the “Off the Beach” workshop where many of her clothing pieces can be found, from lace tops to popular “rumba pants” and skirts made with men’s ties alongside handcrafted necklaces, seashell displays, fanciful lace hats, and jewelry. She is particularly fond of repurposed beer-bottle caps that have now become tie-pins.

“Off the Beach”, however, is so much more than a studio – it is an invitation to art. On Fridays when the shop is open, Naomi offers visitors the opportunity to paint, decorate, and elaborate their own masterpieces with shells and other fun stuff. The wide selection of items includes shadow boxes, frames, easels, and much more with costs running anywhere between $8 and $25 US per item. Some instruction from Naomi, coupled with the inspiring atmosphere of the studio, lead to an afternoon of releasing one’s inner artist. Naomi has also taken her art materials on the road and is open to holding craft classes for groups of 6 or more.

Beyond the seashells, masterful repurposing of t-shirts, sweaters, and ties, I was further drawn into the world of Naomi’s work after her travels to Spain last year and subsequent inspiration from the world of flamenco dresses. The sultry flare, romantic bodices, and passion oozing through flamenco music and dance is a perfect match for the re-creating and repurposing techniques of Naomi, who recently took a selection of her newly created line of flamenco dresses to the 2012 Tucson Flamenco Show. Naomi had 7 re-created flamenco and ‘aficionado’ (for fans of flamenco) dresses in the show, with models ranging in age from 17 to 72. On the final day, Naomi sold 5 dresses to a promising new contact from CA, along with other creations – or rather, re-creations –  to dancers and aficionados alike. Yes, her flamenco creations are to be part of the Fall Fashion Fiesta set for Nov. 5th!

From flamenco to beaches, repurposing and re-creating – I’m ready to continue my travels with Naomi!

Traveling the world of re-creating with Naomi:

Nov. 5th 1 p.m. Fall Fashion Fiesta  – Wrecked at the Reef: Naomi teams up with Casa Turquesa for a free Fashion show. Donations of cash, dry goods or other useable items are welcome as these will be given to two local women’s charities: La Esperanza Women’s Rehab and the group Women and Children First. More information: or

Off the Beach studio and workshop open Fridays, Noon to 5 p.m. or via appointments   388-5004  or cell 107-3140

SweetNaomi blog: and of course, don’t forget the weekly “arm-chair” travels in Naomi’s Photo of the Week!

Las “re-creaciones” de Naomi Black – Obras de arte

Cada lunes, recibo un mensaje de Russ y Naomi Black que me invita a viajar por el mundo desde el confort de mi casa. Su “Travel Photo of the Week”, que acaba de salir su edición No. 200, siempre presenta al lector una imagen e historia de alguna parte del mundo, mientras relata los próximos eventos en Puerto Peñasco. Aparte de tener un espíritu viajero que comparte por internet, Naomi nos hace partícipes de esta pasión por medio del arte en su taller ecléctico y con un aire clásico, llamado “Off the Beach,” el cual se abre al público los viernes desde las 12 del medio día hasta las 5 p.m. y donde también uno puede, con un poco de instrucción de Naomi, soltar la creatividad y crear su propia pieza con conchas del mar sobre marcos y otros diseños. “Off the Beach” se encuentra en la Calle Ramón Figueroa, entre No Reelección y Samuel Ocaña (dando vuelta en la esquina de un café internet). *También se ofrece realizar talleres de arte a domicilio, con grupos de 6 personas o más.*

El 5 de noviembre, junto con la tiendita de moda Casa Turquesa, Naomi ofrecerá un Fashion Show en las instalaciones de Wrecked en el Reef, a partir de la 1 p.m. Entrada gratis, aunque se aceptan donaciones en efectivo o especie (comida enlatada y/u otros artículos en buen estado) que se donarán a dos organizaciones de caridad para mujeres: La Esperanza centro de rehabilitación, y el grupo de Mujeres y Niños primero.

Un punto clave en el arte de Naomi, que se manifiesta a través de la ropa, es el re-uso de materiales que forman cada pieza nueva –desde vestidos hechos con diferentes partes de suéteres o camisetas, hasta faldas construidas utilizando solo corbatas – realmente, la ropa que crea es toda una obra de arte. Entre sus talentos, Naomi ha creado – o más bien re-creado – vestidos que mostró durante el Festival de Flamenco en Tucson este año y algunos de los cuales formarán parte del Show este 5 de noviembre.

Apunten en su agenda:

5 de noviembre 1 p.m. Fall Fashion Fiesta en las instalaciones de Wrecked en el Reef con desfile de moda presentado por Sweet Naomi ReCreations y Casa Turquesa. Mayores informes en: o

Taller y estudio “Off the Beach” horas: viernes 12 p.m.  – 5 p.m. o por medio de citas SweetNaomi blog:   388-5004 o 107-3140



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