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Repaving of Blvd. Josefa Ortiz

By José Antonio Pérez

July 7, 2017.  Efforts began this week on the first phase to repave Blvd. Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez. The work, stretching from Blvd. López Portillo (on south side of Sam’s) to Blvd. Sonora, covering just over 37,000 square meters, is expected to take three weeks. Together with Municipal Projects Coordinator Terencio Gutiérrez Valenzuela, Mayor Kiko Munro emphasized after 20 years of neglect the plan is to fully improve Blvd. Ortiz de Dominguez by paving the road, installing new stoplights, and placement of street signs along with traffic signage in general, turning it into a four-lane road.  A second phase of the work on Blvd. Ortiz de Dominguez, from Blvd. Sonora to Blvd. Freemont, is expected to take place between August and September.


2.2 million peso investment planned for local Red Cross

By José Antonio Pérez

July 7, 2017.  Local Red Cross board President Julio Cesar Valenzuela details plans are underway to invest at least 2.2 million pesos (about $130,000 USD) to build and equip a top notch clinic at the present Red Cross facilities.  If able to begin construction soon, the goal is to complete work before the end of 2017. Valenzuela detailed after a successful annual fundraising campaign, they are ensuring all funds go into making sure services at the Red Cross do not falter, while also looking to expand facilities based on the continuous growth of Puerto Peñasco.  The proposed project would include X-ray machines, on site lab analysis, and a 24-hour pharmacy.


Municipal Administration joins with CM/HEINEKEN Mexico to inaugurate open air gym

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. July 6, 2017.  In promoting healthy habits within the community through sports, Mayor Kiko Munro together with Abril Cerecéres Ramírez of the Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma-Heineken Mexico group inaugurated open air gym facilities located at the Jesús Cota Miranda Sport Complex. The equipment, consisting of 6 exercise apparatus, represents an investment of 210,000 pesos and is the second open air gym in the city.


City Council approves projects under public-private alliances

By José Antonio Pérez

July 4, 2017.  Projects including construction of a Municipal Market and new Administrative Building were approved by a majority of councilmembers during the June 30th City Council session.   The proposed Municipal Market, consisting of 54 spaces, would be built along Blvd. Fremont on a piece of land spanning 2,144 square meters. The three-story Administrative Building would also be located on Blvd. Fremont, on an area of 320 square meters. This would then be able to house the various city offices currently spread across town. The mayor explained, due to applicable legal provisions, they will first need to obtain authorization from the Sonora State Congress to carry out the projects under the Public-Private Service Alliance format.  Similarly, the mayor detailed the city is working with specialized technicians to analyze the feasibility of a desalination plant for the municipality.


Municipal Administration and former MLB player Shea Hillenbrand to invest in reviving baseball field

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. July 4, 2017.  Mayor Kiko Munro met with former Major League Baseball player Shea Hillenbrand, reaching an agreement on investment to remodel a baseball field at the San Rafael Sports Complex. Accompanied by his wife, Hillenbrand expressed his interest in reviving a baseball field located at the San Rafael Sports Complex. The goal is to install synthetic grass, remodel bleachers and dug-outs, and install a cyclone fence around the field, among other improvements.  He also detailed his hopes to hold baseball clinics, and to put together international youth tournaments so that children and youth may have the opportunity to become professional baseball players.


Municipal Administration and Mexican Baseball Fiesta announce LMP Exhibition Game

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. July 3, 2017. Mayor Kiko Munro met with representatives from the company Mexican Baseball Fiesta to analyze possibilities of holding a September exhibition game in Puerto Peñasco featuring teams from the Mexican Pacific League (LMP), bringing together the Naranjeros of Hermosillo and Águilas of Mexicali as part of a pre-season promotional tour.  Another project in the works, remarked the mayor, is for Puerto Peñasco to host Spring training for professional teams from the Mexican Pacific League (LMP) as well as Major League Baseball (MLB), along with exhibition games.



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