No early end to 2016-17 shrimp season

By José Antonio Perez

To date, at least 600 tons of shrimp have been produced through Puerto Peñasco this year and conditions are so that shrimp capture may continue, therefore ruling out an early end to the annual season, reported Mateo López León of the Piedrón Upper Gulf of California Shipowners Union.

López León detailed while the 2016-2017 shrimp season had a rough start, over time things have normalized and higher yields are expected in January when approximately 20-30 ships turn fishing activities from shrimp to flake and other species. In addition, shrimp prices have been acceptable at around $7 US/pound.

While some boats will return to port for Christmas and New Year’s, he furthered, there will not be a complete stoppage for the Peñasco shrimp fleet. It is up to ship owners and crews to decide when they will stop fishing over the holidays, though this only represents a temporary pause, as fishing will resume at the beginning of the year. Shrimp season generally continues through early March.

López León noted if things continue as they are, it is quite possible shrimp season will reach yields of up to 1200 to 1300 tons, which is considered normal. Good productions have brought in up to 1600 tons and really good seasons have brought in up to 1800 to 2000 tons.



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