Mayor Kiko Munro calls for inspection of sardine boats

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. April 27, 2016.  After meeting with local fishermen who had been demonstrating at the city’s docks due to the presence of sardine boats, Mayor Kiko Munro has formally requested for inspection of the boat’s permits.

Munro explained in response to the complaint received from the Comité de la Bajada, made up of 116 fishermen, a letter was sent to Mario Aguilar Sánchez of the National Aquaculture and Fishing Commission, urgently requesting inspection and verification in order to safeguard marine species, the ecological and environmental balance, as well as public and social interest.Sardineras-2016 (2)

The document details the concern of local fishermen as to the legality of multiple large fishing vessels (sardine boats), originating from Guaymas and other areas.

Verification of the vessels’ permits has been requested to ensure their activities are accredited within the coordinates of this municipality. Furthermore, they request inspection of captures on the vessels to make sure they correspond to the species accredited in permits. This is to help prevent any violation of temporary fishing prohibitions that have been declared in the area, as well as for regulation concerning protected marine species.



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