LXXI Lion’s Club Convention honors Ramón Bustamente Gradillas

The 72nd Lion’s Club Convention of District B1, held in Puerto Peñasco last weekend, included the participation of approximately 500 Lion’s Club members from the states of Sonora, Baja California, and Baja California Sur. Along with seminars and workshops, the Convention was an opportunity to pay posthumous homage to don Ramón Bustamante Gradillas, said to be one of the founders of the Lion’s Club in Puerto Peñasco.  Bustamante Gradillas was a District Leader and President of the local Lion’s Club on three occasions, serving the organization for more than 50 years and up until his death when he was given the highest honors by members of the club.

At the Convention, Carlos Valenzuela of Venezuela, former International Director of the Lion’s Club, called on members to continue promoting the spirit of understanding among people across the globe, as well as to actively participate in developing the civic, cultural, social, and moral well-being of the community.



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