Local Chamber of Commerce invites folk to EXPO Sept. 5

The local Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a business EXPO on Friday evening, Sept. 5th right outside their offices on the east side of Shrimp park (road in front of Fire Department).  There, various businesses who participated in the 2014 “Buy Locally” Campaign (If we all buy in Peñasco, we all win) will be on hand to show off their wares, give out information, and take part in the evening. In addition, CANACO affiliates will have a beer tent and carne asada tent set up to add to the fiesta!  Students from the local Casa de Cultura will be performing from about 6 – 7 p.m. and the EXPO will go live on the air (1390 AM  XEQC) from 7 p.m. – 9 p.m.  canaco-sept5Raffle prizes will be given out throughout the evening  for those who picked up their “Buy Locally” raffle tickets over the past several months, plus raffle tickets will be available at the EXPO.  Raffle prizes include refrigerators, stoves, and other household goods.

Funds from the CANACO EXPO and “Buy Locally” campaign are for operational expenses of the local Chamber of Commerce.  In addition, the CANACO is currently selling raffle tickets for an iPad to be raffled off on Sept. 16th. Be sure to pick up all your raffle tickets at Friday night’s EXPO.  Next up for the local CANACO is their September “mix-it-up” Exchange programmed for Sept. 23rd at Eddie Wharez Casas y , which is open to everyone, and the November business exhibit during the busy “Buen Fin” weekend (Nov. 15th – 16th). There’s plenty of time to get your business into the Buen Fin Expo, as well as to consider becoming a member of the local Chamber of Commerce!



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