Italian biker touring North America stops over in Puerto Peñasco

By José Antonio Pérez

In search of seeing and discovering the world one-on-one, Italian biker Daniele Donin has been touring North America for weeks aboard his motorcyle and on Thursday, June 29th, made a stop in Puerto Peñasco as part of his travels.

In a short exclusive interview, the 36 year-old native of Chioggia, Italia, detailed the more than 35,000 kilometer (21,747 mile) trip includes travel to Alaska, Canada, the United States, and the northern part of Mexico.  He explained the trip has been done it two parts: with winter travel through Alaska, Canada, and the northern part of the U.S., and now during the summer he’s making his way across the southern part of the U.S. and northern Mexico.

Donin emphasized his motorcycle has been his sole form of transportation across the 35,000 trip, equipped with basic accessories. By night, he generally camps along the highway although in Peñasco he was exploring the possibility of staying on the beach.

Aboard his bike, he described, he can feel and enjoy everything around him wherever he’s gone, fully living everything that’s going on in each part of North America while absorbing the energy of the environment, feeling it directly in his heart and soul.

During the quick interview, done mostly English, the adventuresome biker left a message in Spanish for those across the Sonoran region, stating “the world is wonderful and beautiful and must be discovered fully, traveling along all its paths, because if one discovers the world, they discover life.”

Donin remarked that fortunately, and especially through Mexico, he has not had any problems nor fallen victim to crime. To the contrary, he emphasized, he has been well received on the part of many people that support him and encourage his adventures!

Puerto Peñasco, explained the biker, is part of his last phase of touring through North America, which will wrap up in Los Angeles, CA where he’ll catch a flight back to Italy.  He noted his entire North American tour is documented on his Facebook page: “One Man, One Moto, One Donin.”

¡Buen viaje!



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