Highway repairs in Peñasco’s interest

As it is a priority to guarantee safety for all who travel along the Peñasco-Sonoyta Federal Highway, which is the main entry for vacationers to Rocky Point, steps are being taken to address necessary repairs.

Given concerns expressed by visitors, local business people, and residents due to deterioration on parts of the highway, on Tuesday, June 28th representatives from the local Chamber of Commerce (CANACO) met with Sonoyta Mayor Heriberto Serrano where an agreement was reached to address repairs by filling in pot holes between kilometers 12-18, as well as kilometers 18-38, along with support from the Secretary of Communications and Transport (SCT) based in Sonoyta.

Puerto Peñasco Mayor Kiko Munro similarly gave instructions to help with municipal funds in order to repair these stretches of the Federal highway, as the city is one of the most impacted by this situation and therefore it is in its best interest that visitors can travel here safely.  The Mayor’s response appeared to also be greatly due to a number of comments and requests lodged through social networks about the concern though, he noted, he had first brought the matter to SCT earlier this Spring.

The road repairs were to be done Wednesday and Thursday prior to the big U.S. holiday weekend, though drivers are always encouraged to remain alert to rough spots on the road.




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