Hard work from Toma Color Run pays off for La Montaña

Organizers of last April’s Toma Color Run recently made the formal presentation of completed work on bathrooms at the “La Montaña” Multiple Care Facility, which had been chosen by the group to receive benefits from this year’s fundraising event.

Materials and labor for the construction of new bathrooms at the school came from the registration fees of over 900 participants who took part in the 2nd Toma Color run, which took place in early April this year. The Toma Color group invested nearly $200,000 pesos in construction of bathrooms at the school. La Montaña Director Diana Vega Flores remarked the earlier facilities were in dire need of replacing after 36 years in use.

Marisa Hernández from the Toma Color organizing group once again thanked all those who participated in the race, plus the more than 40 sponsors involved in the noble effort.

2015 marked the second year for the Toma Color run, proceeds from which go to local programs or charities. In its first year, funds went to the dialysis center project spurred on by Rafaela Félix de Figueroa, while this year organizers chose to benefit La Montaña Multiple Care Facility, which provides education and care for dozens of children with special needs from across the community.



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