Governors Padrés and Brewer to lead Sonora-Arizona Commission

Sonora Governor Guillermo Padrés, along with Arizona Governor Janice Kay Brewer, will be leading the Plenary Session of the Sonora-Arizona Commission meeting this week in Scottsdale, thereby strengthening the strong relationship of friendship and business the two states have maintained for the past 55 years.

azsoncomUnder the theme “Evolution of a Region”, the agenda of the Sonora Arizona Commission to be held June 19 – 20 includes the forum: “Are you ready for international business?, which will include participation of officials and business leaders from both states.

On Friday, June 20th, seminar committees are to include:  Emergency Administration, Agriculture and Wild Life, Legal Affairs and Financial Services, Real Estate, Sports, Economic Development, Education, Energy, Security, Health Services, Tourism, Art and Culture, Transportation and Border Crosses, and Ecology, the Environment and Water.

Some of the primary themes to be addressed include border crossing points, which have been a strong focus in both the administrations of Pádres and Brewer, as well as strengthening joint strategies in health, security, and education.

Another important part of the gathering will be the signing of an agreement between the Sonora State Water Commission (CEA) and the Arizona Water Commission which will facilitate the arrival of new technologies in Sonora.  Results of this agreement will be discussed during the AZ-Sonora Commission’s Plenary Session on Friday, with both Governors Padrés and Brewer on hand.



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