Governor Padrés visits White House for Chavez screening

Sonora Governor Guillermo Padrés was invited to the White House by U.S. President Barack Obama to view a screening of the film “Chavez: An American Hero,” which was filmed mostly in Sonora.

The Governor deemed the invitation to be one of pride for all Sonorans, as this sends a message of strength, development, and safety in Sonora as an ideal place to invest and develop film projects.

“We are promoting Sonora, showing there are excellent conditions for first-rate filmmaking. This delights us and we are quite pleased to come to the White House to show what Sonora has to offer,” he stated.

Sonora was very present during the inspiring event, given that 90% of the filming for “Chavez” took place in locations across the state. This further highlights the state as a region that continues to draw interest for projects of such high caliber.

cesar_chavez_“Chavez” narrates the story of César Chávez, the farm worker leader and organizer in California, whose struggles changed the lives of thousands of farm workers in the U.S.

At the film’s screening, President Obama recognized the importance of César Chávez and his struggles, not only for farm workers, but for the entire country.

“This film tells the story of a man guided by enormous faith, faith in a righteous cause, and a loving God, and the dignity of every human being. Cesar himself said that he spent his first 20 years working as an organizer without a single major victory. But, he never gave up, he kept on going; and the world’s a better place because he did. That’s one of the great lessons of his life, you don’t give up the fight, no matter how long it takes, no matter how long the odds, you keep on going, fueled by a simple creed: si se puede,” Obama stated.

padres-chavez-lunaGovernor Padrés, accompanied by Chavez director and producer Diego Luna, as well as many of the film’s main actors, and Televisa President Emilio Azcarraga Jean, were received by President Obama briefly in the Oval office prior to the film’s screening.

“We hope to be able to share with President Obama the importance of the Sonora-Arizona economic region, and that he set his eye on job creation so that things go well for all Sonorans,” stated the Governor during an interview prior to the screening.

The film’s history with Sonora began in 2012, when Diego Luna and his colleague Pablo Cruz presented Governor Padrés with the project, given both the level of safety and excellent natural locations, among the state’s other attractions.

“The participation of our administration in this film is a contribution we humbly make toward discussions of possible immigration reform that would benefit millions of Mexicans,” Padrés Elías had stated at the time.

The film, which was presented by U.S. President Barack Obama as an acknowledgment of the contributions of the entire Latino community in the development of the U.S., was filmed in agricultural fields of the Costa de Hermosillo, experimental fields of the University of Sonora, and Estación Pesqueira, along with different locations in Cananea, among other points.cesar-chavez-poster

“We are very proud to be able to represent Sonora at this screening; we are present for this transcendental act for the Latino community in the U.S. Having producers, actors, and directors of the film speak to how well things went for them in our State is positive; it puts us on the map once more,” expressed Governor Padrés.

In the midst of discussions concerning possible immigration reform in the U.S., which would impact more than 11 million undocumented immigrants, the film has awoken tremendous expectations in U.S. political circles.

The film debuts in the U.S. on March 28th, and tentative dates for Mexico are for the end of April, including a special presentation in Hermosillo as a sign of gratitude by the producers for the care received during filming.



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