Gallo and Tyson ready to face off in Puerto Peñasco

Calm and confident, WBO/WBA Flyweight champion Juan Francisco “El Gallito” Estrada went before the press today with challenger, fellow Sonoran and former world champ Hernán “Tyson” Marquez before Saturday’s fight, which is set to take place at the Puerto Peñasco Expo Convention Center.

The highly anticipated headliner, which will be televised live across Latin America on Saturday via TV Azteca and Azteca America, is part of a night that will include presenter Jimmy “it’s showtime” Lennon Jr., along with Box Azteca announcers Carlos Aguilar, Rodolfo Vargas and Julio César Chavez. The boxing event itself, promoted by Zanfer and Latin Sports, will include 12 fights in all, featuring international contenders facing off from Mexico, Nicaragua, the Philippines, and more. Doors at the Convention Center will open at 4 p.m, with the first fight starting at 5, and Gallo and Márquez facing off around 8 p.m. Some tickets still available at La Fondita restaurant [Blvd. Fremont], and area Circle Ks    On Friday, everyone is invited to come out to the malecón in the Old Port for the official weigh-in at noon.  Boxers will first go through medical checks at 11 a.m., followed by the weigh-in.

gallo-press-conf-sept2015Juan Francisco’s trainer and coach Alfredo Caballero proudly stated Gallo is at 100%, noting the fight is being held here more than anything as Gallo loves his public and feels good here. He explained, “after this, we are going to begin to think about upcoming fights and jump to the bigger purses.”

Not to be outdone, former world champ Hernán “Tyson” Márquez claimed he is very motivated and with a tremendous desire to be champ once again, stating he also feels at home here despite being on Gallito’s turf. Noting his only concern is Friday’s weigh-in, but not Saturday’s fight, he assured “There’s everything to win, and nothing to lose,” he quipped, “I’m here to win or…to win!

Still calm and collected, El Gallito remarked “there are cycles of life, that begin and end. Mine is beginning and Tyson’s will end this Saturday. It’ll be rough but I’m motivated that (Tyson’s) training. More than anything I’m going to enjoy it; there are good fights coming for me and this is an opportunity to show that in Sonora there is just one champion!”




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