Fish remains pushed by waves up onto Rocky Point’s coast spark quick clean-up efforts and follow-up investigation

On Thursday, different reports started surfacing of cochito (trigger fish) remains washing up on Puerto Peñasco’s shore along the stretch of coast from Playa Bonita toward Sandy Beach. This led to a quick clean-up operative that included staff from the Port Harbor, Secretary of the Navy, various municipal departments, as well as staff of the Federal Maritime Zone given the situation occurred in a federal area.

Puerto Peñasco City Secretary Olayn García Cinco remarked the incident has been reported to PROFEPA (Environmental Protection Agency) so they can begin an investigation as to who may be responsible for this.

Though not confirmed, it is believed after cleaning the fish, the remains or “carcasses” were tossed off a deep sea fishing vessel or were clandestinely thrown into the sea rather than following appropriate procedures for disposal at the landfill.

A call has been launched across the community to immediately report any such incident in order prevent pollution. Similarly, the fishing sector has been alerted to ensure appropriate disposal of fish waste.



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