Events help to further Puerto Peñasco’s Dialysis Center

vino-cerveza-peñascoVarious events held across Puerto Peñasco help raise funds for the 2nd phase of the city’s first Dialysis Center. Such is the case with this weekend’s 1st Wine and Craft Beer Fest, to be held at Laos Mar Hotel, with proceeds to go to equipping the Center.

The long awaited center, which will tend to people from Puerto Peñasco and the surrounding areas who require dialysis, will soon be a reality with current work focused on acquiring five dialysis machines for the Center.

Samuel Ortega, Director of the local Office on Integral Family Development (DIF), indicates though they have already obtained the water treatment system to operate the dialysis machines, much of the equipment is still lacking which is why they continue to pursue fundraising events.

Ortega expressed that the project, envisioned by Puerto Peñasco’s First Lady and local DIF President Rafaela Félix de Figueroa, has received tremendous support from the local community, businesses, and a number of visitors (particularly from the U.S.) who have together participated in fundraising activities and events for the Center.

The dialysis machines to be acquired will be for use by those with renal diseases, along with specific machines for patients with HIV or hepatitis, among other blood transmitted illnesses.

Another of the steps currently being sought for the Center is that to subrogate services through the Mexican Social Services Institute (IMSS). Members of the Integral Community Assistance Project, created to support the Dialysis Center, have already met with Antonio Berumen, administrative director of IMSS offices, in order to further this goal.

dialysis1In addition to DIF personnel, the Dialysis Center has progressed through efforts of the Integral Community Assistance Project, which is in charge of promoting fundraising activities.

Along with the donated construction of the Dialysis Center earlier this year by the Pittsburgh based group Caring Hearts and its director Harold McKamish, numerous businesses and individuals have joined in fundraising efforts to make the Dialysis Center a reality. These have included proceeds from the “Toma Color” race in late March that raised 120,000 pesos, the Señora Presidenta spring theater presentation organized by the Municipal DIF, a percentage from the World Championship boxing bout between Gallo Estrada and Ritchie Mepranum in April, donations and tamale sales from February’s “Taste of Peñasco,” and approximately $1200 US from last Fall’s Rocky Point Rally.  Similarly, funds from the upcoming Wine and Craft Beer Fest, with headliner guitarist Nicho Hinojosa, will go to ongoing efforts to equip this first dialysis center for the city.


Organizers of 1st Wine and Craft Beer Fest along with DIF Director Samuel Ortega and Members of the Integral Community Assistance Project



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