Dredging of Wharf wraps up

Following three months of intense efforts, dredging on the city’s wharf area has reached an end. The project itself aimed to remove sand, as well as solid and fuel waste, that had obstructed the entrance and exit of vessels in and around the port.

The dredging project, initially promoted by then Senator Claudia Pavlovich, included an investment of nearly 20 million pesos financed by the Natural Disaster Fund.

Much of the dredged material removed from an area of 150,000 cubic meters, such as the sand, has been deposited on land south of Blvd. Fremont while solid waste was taken to the landfill.

Mayor Kiko Munro indicated the dredging work was completed as had been specified, fulfilling the goal of cleaning up and desilting the area. He added, “This was a litmus test for our administration in redirecting efforts into this project,” noting that many boat owners have remarked upon the improved conditions in the docks.



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