Doctubre MX 2014 – Documentary Film Fest

DOCTUBRE MX. Cartel de la programación. Puerto Peñasco.Contributor:  Nina Mier, Cine Club Primera Toma, A.C.

The documentary film fest, DOCTUBRE MX, occurring simultaneously across various points of Mexico, will take place in Puerto Peñasco from October 14th – 21st with screenings at 8:30 p.m. on selected nights.

In conjunction with another 200 cultural points across the country, DOCTUBRE MX in Puerto Peñasco will include 10 documentaries (3 full-length films, 3 medium-length films, and 4 shorts). The screenings are free and directed at anyone interested documentary film. This is the third consecutive year that Puerto Peñasco is a host for DOCTUBRE MX. Screening areas include Café Puerto Viejo, located catty-corner to the Sagrado Corazón church in the Old Port, as well as art gallery La Taza de Oro Café located at Calle Pescadores #7 (also in the Old Port – up the street from Dream Weaver Inn).

Those attending each screening of DOCTUBRE MX will select their favorite film from among the ten to be shown in Puerto Peñasco, which in turn will be awarded an Audience Award honor upon the conclusion of the 9th annual DOCSDF fest.

The official selection from DOCTUBRE MX is presented locally by the International Documentary Film Fest of Mexico City, Cine Club Primera Toma, A.C., and the Sonoran network of cineclubs, in coordination with De Cierto Mar Editores, Puerto Viejo Tostadores de Café, La Taza de Oro Café, the Superior Technological Institute of Puerto Peñasco, and the Municipal Public Library “Benito Juárez García.”

Additional details: 638 113 2979

Facebook: Cine Club Primera Toma, A.C.

More information at: DOCTUBRE MX



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