Dialysis Clinic begins staff training

Staff that will oversee patients at the much-awaited Dialysis Center of Puerto Peñasco are currently undergoing intensive training to ensure quality services.

As the Center itself already possesses three first-rate machines, as well as a water purifying plant and electric plant, not to mention its own facility, the step to train staff is being taken toward the upcoming and long-awaited opening of the Dialysis Center, reported Rafaela Félix Bernal, President of the association “Proyecto de Asistencia Comunitaria Integral, A.C.” (Comprehensive Community Assistance Project).

“This is a tremendous step that moves us closer to our goal, one which we have worked so hard for. This is why we believe it necessary to continue to have support from the community in general,” she noted.

Félix Bernal stated the path toward opening this clinic has been long, as they have had to address many important details to ensure the ability to offer adequate services. In addition, constant investment will be required to help maintain the Center.

She commented the association plans to begin talks with international insurance companies so that those from the U.S. who require dialysis can visit Puerto Peñasco and receive services at the Center at accessible prices.  This, she added, will contribute to the possibility of medical tourism.

For Mexican and local patients, cost for dialysis will represent a recovery cost to be set by members of the association’s board. This will also be based on a socio-economic study for each patient when coming to the clinic for the first time.

Rafaela Félix Bernal expressed her profound appreciation to Harold McKamish, President of the Caring Hearts Foundation, who undoubtedly was a key piece in working to see this important project come to life. She also thanked all of the individuals, organizations, contributors, and donors, who in one way or another have provided support either in kind or financially to help this non-profit project.

The project to provide a Dialysis Center in Puerto Peñasco has been underway for at least the past five years and, despite obstacles including installation of appropriate water purifying equipment, paved roads surrounding the center and required landscaping, along with extensive paperwork with health officials, appears to be working its way to the light at the end of the tunnel.




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