Day of the Dead Altar Contests

dia de muertos 11On Oct. 25th, the local COBACH high-school continued its more than 20 years of Day of the Dead traditions with the presentation of their annual Altar Contest. The event was open to public viewing beginning at 6 p.m., where visitors were able to view the more than 30 altars this year.  Cultural presentations of dance and music took place while judges deliberated, and food stands offered traditional delights and more. Laura Casanova, who is currently in her  final year at COBACH, explains funds from the food stands will go to help with a “Senior Trip” to Hermosillo at the end of the month.

In addition to the traditional COBACH Altar Contest, the City Office of Civic and Cultural Affairs will hold an Altar Contest on Nov. 2nd at the Casa de Cultura (across from City Hall). Jesus Romero Chagoyan, Office Director, explains the evening will once again include a candle-light procession from the Casa de la Cultura to the docks.




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