Cultural Courses in Peñasco 2016

cemart-kikoTowering over the municipal public library, just across from City Hall, and on the same grounds of the Civic Municipal Auditorium and Casa de la Cultura stands the new Municipal Center for the Arts (Centro Municipal de las Artes [CEMART]).

First pursued actively by Jesús Romero Chagoyan, former Civic and Cultural Affairs Director under the last administration, construction on the project concluded under the current administration of Mayor Kiko Munro and was officially inaugurated on January 29, 2016. The two-story CEMART, investment in which totaled 4,474,000 pesos, houses 8 classrooms linked by hallways and stairs centered within the structure.

The CEMART now provides space for students pursuing different artistic disciplines for children, youth, and adults. These include students enrolled in the INBA program (Initiation to Fine Arts), as well as a number of aspiring artists taking part in classes offered by the local Casa de la Cultura.

At the CEMART’s inauguration earlier this year, Mayor Kiko Munro explained the project will benefit the more than 260 students already registered in the municipal music, classical dance, and Polynesian dance programs, as well as INBA students.  He furthered this number would triple in coming semesters with the addition of classes in literature, philosophy, painting, sculpture, and dance, along with English, Spanish for English speakers, Portuguese, and French.

Presently, as highlighted during a recent presentation of course offerings for 2016, the Casa de la Cultura offers: photography, painting, recycling and the environment, theater, Polynesian dance, Folkloric dance, marching band, guitar, classical ballet, and courses on literature and philosophy. Language classes: English, French, Portuguese, and Japanese.  Upcoming courses will include sculpture, film, and specialized painting courses.

For information on courses at the Casa de la Cultura, or to help sponsor a student participating in the INBA program, please contact:  388 6375   or 383 3323.  The offices are located across from City Hall along Blvd. Juarez

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