City cemeteries ready to welcome visitors for Day of the Dead

Puerto Peñasco’s three cemeteries are ready to receive community members who year after year come to celebrate Day of the Dead.

Staff from Public Services, under the direction of Jesús Gómez Pulido, spent time cleaning up and doing maintenance both inside and out of the local cemeteries, assisted by individuals taking part in the Temporary Work program.

Gómez Pulido explained work included rehabilitating public lighting at all three cemeteries. On both Saturday (Nov 1st) and Sunday (Nov 2nd) they will also be on hand with large water tanks in strategic spots to provide water to those who make their way to visit the resting place of family members.

In addition, Public Services will be handing out plastic bags so that people can collect their trash and subsequently throw in a garbage truck on hand.

“The three city cemeteries are completely clean, with lighting, and we’ll be providing water, and watering within the cemeteries and at access points to make sure these remain in good condition,” emphasized Gómez Pulido.

Both Police and Civil Protection services will also be present near the three cemeteries throughout the Day of the Dead celebration weekend.



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