CEDO’s Film Night July 10

After wrapping up a busy Wet Feet Summer Camp, CEDO’s first Thursday Environmental film night was moved to this Thursday, July 10th 7 p.m.

Abraham Meza López, CEDO intern for the past two years, explains this Thursday’s film HOME (2009) is personally one of his favorites as it “details the history of the Earth and the short yet destructive relationship the planet has had with humans. Still, the film does not simply show negative aspects but rather plants the seed of hope that as we grow our hearts abound with love for life, our minds with goals, and our steps with actions to achieve change.”

This will be Abraham’s final Environmental Film Night with CEDO as his internship will end in August. He expresses he is sure Environmental Film night will continue and is grateful for everyone’s interest in this CEDO tradition.

July 10  7 p.m.  CEDO Field Station in Las Conchas – Environmental Film Night   Home (2009)

Cine Ambiental Julio



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