CBSC Fishing Derby standings Phase I

Derby #1 2015
Contributor: Kelley Adams, Cholla Bay Sportsmen’s Club
The first four days of the 60th CBSC Fishing Derby (April 9th-12th) were very successful with eighty plus entrants and thirty plus derby eligible boats launched. The quality and quantity of fish caught was very good as was the weather, except for a windy Sunday. Among the outstanding angler catches were three groupers over seventy lbs., a 24lb. flounder, some, large for the northern gulf, yellowtail, several sardinero and multiple white sea bass (target fish for the 1st phase) with a 50 pounder plucked from the sea by Kim Johns, for which she was awarded the “Target Fish” rod and reel. The biggest fish, an 88lb. grouper was brought in by Keith Busby. Everyone in Cholla Bay should be grateful for the economic boost that the derby produces and look forward to the upcoming two May (7-10 & 21-23) derby weekends culminating with the fish fry and awards festivities May 24th. Let’s go fishing!   Lucky Chucky
Standings after Phase 1:
CALICO:  1st  M. Orcutt  2.4
COCHI:   1st  K. Busby  4.2     2nd  R. Adams  4.0     3rd 3 Way Tie @ 3.6
FLOUNDER:  1st  J. Verhagen  23.8      2nd  B. Hamblen  2.1
GROUPER:  1st  K. Busby  88.3      2nd P.  Blamey  82.8      3rd F. Petersen  71.5
MACKEREL: 1st  J Pendrick  1.9      2nd R. Adams  1.8      3rd M. Orcutt  1.5
PARGO:  1st  K.  Busby  19.4
PINTO:  1st  S. Truitt  20.9      2nd 20.5      3rd  2 Way Tie @ 8.1
RED SNAPPER:  1st K. Johns  4.9      2nd  S. Kathe  4.7      3rd  J. Pendrick  4.1
SARDINERO:  1st K. Johns  17.0      2nd T. McFarland  15.9      3rd   M. Truitt  15.1
WHITE SEA BASS:  1st K.  Johns  50.8      2nd  F.  Petersen  34.8      3rd J.  Altfillisch  26.0
YELLOWTAIL:  1st  L.  Altfillisch  20.7      2nd  J. Pendrick  19.2      3rd  J.  Altfillisch 16.0
CALICO:  1st  A. Hamblen  2.5
COCHI:  1st   S. Byrne  2.2    2nd  N. Yearin   1.4
MACKEREL:  1st  A. Bolstad  1.4    2nd.  A. Hamblen 1.3
PINTO:  1st  N. Yearin  1.7
RED SNAPPER:  1st  N. Yearin  1.8    2nd B. Yearin  1.5    3rd  A. Bolstad  1.4
COCHI:  1st K. Blair  1.35
FLOUNDER:  1st  Lisa Xiong  3.2      2nd  B. Hamblen  2.9      3rd  K. Blair  2.2
POMPANO:  1st  K Blair  1.55      2nd  M. Orcutt  1.25      3rd  C. Blair  1.15
Upcoming dates for 60th Anniversary CBSC Fishing Derby:  May 7th – 10th; May 21st – 23rd; Fish Fry and Awards May 24th   More info at:



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