Caborca prepares for annual 6 de Abril Fiestas!

Poster de Las Fiestas de Caborca 2013

Poster de Las Fiestas de Caborca 2013

On Thursday, March 14, invited members from the local press met with Caborca Mayor Francisco Jiménez Rodríguez for breakfast during his tour through Northwestern Sonora, promoting Caborca’s 6 de Abril Fiestas commemorating the 156th Anniversary of the city’s Historic Stance. The Fiestas, under the emblem of “Millennial Heritage of Culture and Liberty” will last 4 days, from April 4th – 7th.

Mayor Jiménez explained the event will consist of a wide variety of activities spanning culture, sports, the arts, history, and entertainment in general. In addition, they will have stellar presentations by Alexis Montoya and María José, the now traditional Light Passageway, rock concerts, and art competitions, along with history talks and tours. The events are set to be held at different spots both within urban and rural parts of the municipality, including participation of the indigenous Tohono O’odham community. All events are geared to audiences of all ages so both locals and visitors may enjoy the festivities.

It is worth noting all events are free, except for entry to the Rodeo/Jaripeo which is 80 pesos for adults and 40 pesos for children. There is also an additional cost for tourist treks outside of town.

There is tremendous interest on behalf of the Caborca municipal administration, as well as the State, to rank the Fiestas del 6 de Abril as a festival of excellence for Northern Sonora, with the same importance of the FAOT (Alfonso Ortiz Tirado Festival) in the southern part of the state, as well as the Fiestas del Pitic in the center. In addition, they hope to broaden national recognition of this historical stance in 1857, which prevented invasion into national territory.

As an added bonus this year, the fiestas will include the First Festival of Desert Tastes in Kino plaza. This will include a number of booths with displays of products from across the region, as well as the sale and samplings of traditional dishes. Various businesses and individuals will participate and compete in the Taste with the goal of recovering much of traditional cuisine.

During the festivities, the Club of Tourist Guides will be offering a series of tours through principal historical spots in the city: ancient art routes (La Proveedora, San José, Cerro Prieto and Puerto Blanco), the Old Sonora Museum, Pitiquito Museum and leather producer Pieles Pitic.

Caborca’s 6 de Abril Fiestas will begin on April 4th in the Temple esplanade and is to include a University Gala, presentation of the Alina Trevor Award, and a concert by Alexis Montoya, winner of Mexico’s popular show La Academia (similar to American Idol). Meanwhile, the CFE Casino will put on a grand Ball to the accompaniment of the Chino Medina Orchestra.

On Friday, April 5th, in commemorating 100 years since the constitution of the Army, there will be a presentation by Grupo Ginebra, the closing of the IV International Colloquium on History, Culture, and the Environment, the traditional Light Passageway, and a rock concert and dance in the area of la Y Griega to the sounds of Los Cadetes de Linares, Venturas Band and La Consentida.

On Saturday, April 6th, the traditional Military Civic Parade will take place along with an Official Ceremony, and the IV International Rodeo with participant riders from across the country as well as from the US, Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia. In addition, the Desert Cultures Gathering will provide a presentation by Pancho Pikadientas, and finally that evening there will be a concert with international artist María José and a tremendous fireworks display.

On Sunday, April 7th, the Fiestas will come to a close with sanddrag races at Río Asunción, the now traditional “Coffee with the Elders”, a piano concert at the auditorium, a presentation of talent from Caborca at the acoustic band shell, a concert by Iván Nodal and finally the award presentation for the First Festival of Desert Tastes.

One tip: Since the 6 de Abril Fiestas continue to grow in popularity with each passing year, early hotel reservations are strongly suggested.




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