BWD Chili Cook-off right around the corner!

Have you got award winning chili?  Enough for Big Wave Dave’s Chili Cook-off over T-day weekend? Still time to sign up and show off your chops…well, chili!

The chili cookoff will take place on Saturday, November 26th at the Club House in Cholla Bay.

If you plan on cooking chili for this event then here are a few things you need to know.

Cooking time will start at 11:00am and will end at 2:00pm.
You must supply your own burner and propane. There will be no electricity available for cookers.
All cooking must be done at the cookoff (with the exception of meat which can be cooked ahead of time).
Must be a red chili of a stew like consistency, either with or without beans. (Sorry no green chili this year).
Entry fee to cook chili is a BIG bag of dog food.
Spoons and tasting cups will be provided for you.

After the cooking time stops at 2:00 the cookers will have till 2:30 to taste and judge the other chili’s before the general tasting begins.

General tasting and judging will begin at 2:30.

Big Dave Chili 20151
Raffle tickets will be available during the entire event and the drawing should start around 3:30 – 4:00. Speaking of the raffle, there is still need of donations for the raffle drawing. Remember all proceeds from this go to help the animals of Rocky Point.
If you need to drop off dog food, pet products or items for the raffle please contact Dave Adams and they can be dropped off at their house in Cholla, or if you are in the states arrangements will be made.

Info and sign-up:   Dave Adams



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