Book adaptations look to film in Sonoran Desert

A film adaptation of Chilean author Roberto Bolano’s novel “Los Detectives Salvajes” (The Wild Detectives), with locations encompassing Caborca and the surrounding region, is to be made and produced by CANANA Films of renowned actors, directors, and producers Diego Luna, Gael García Bernal, and Pablo Cruz.

In learning more about lifestyles while becoming familiar with the desert and beach landscapes, film director David Pablos spent several days in Caborca early in the year in order to immerse himself in the creative process and adaptation of the script for the upcoming feature film.

The original story involves the search for a mysterious poet, leading characters on a journey that begins in Mexico City though whose most relevant moments stem from stops throughout the Sonoran desert where the main character leaves. Therefore, the director wishes to “drench” himself in the customs of communities including Caborca, Pitiquito, and Altar, where the filming will be done.

“The creative process may take up to a year or more, yet we are positive the film will become a reality. This would represent an important projection of the municipality, as well as an economic influx through indirect jobs, products, and services that would be required,” commented Pablos.

To support the project, Caborca mayor Karina García Gutiérrez and her administration put staff from the Office of Civic and Cultural Affairs at Pablos’ service, accompanying and guiding the film director during his visit through the region.

In an interview, David Pablos also stated he is interested in independently producing a film-short about the life and work of Caborca poet Abigael Bohórquez.

Jaime Valle Jiménez, Caborca Director of Civic and Cultural Affairs, thanked CANANA Films for having selected Caborca as one of the sites for filming, and on behalf of Mayor García Gutiérrez reiterated full support for making this important project a reality.

“It would be a tremendous satisfaction for our municipal administration to have the movie filmed in different locations across the municipality,” emphasized Valle Jiménez.

Marcel Pérez Rascón from the Caborca Cultural Department, along with staff from CANANA Films, accompanied Pablos during his tour through Caborca.



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